Permanent Staffing

Accessing the best candidates
Millionaire Info Tech network of industry experts provides access to candidates unavailable through traditional sourcing methods. Our targeted recruitment approach identifies individuals that are employed and skilled in their respective fields, but not actively seeking new employment.Through knowledge-based contacts and industry concentration, you are presented the best candidate for the position, not just the most qualified candidate available.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing
When you choose Millionaire Info Tech for recruitment process outsourcing (RPO), you are selecting a singularly experienced partner to analyze, improve and implement industry best practices and methodo-logies that lead to more efficient, more effective hiring. Millionaire Info Tech recruitment consultants become an extension of your organization, working on-site in your offices, off-site at Millionaire Info Tech offices,or a combination of the two. Millionaire Info Tech offers a full range of recruitment solutions to fit your unique requirements.
Whether you are looking to outsource part or all of your recruitment process or you need to find key individuals to round out your executive team, our recruitment consultants have the experience and re-sources to help.

Our recruitment solutions include:

End-to-End RPO – For clients that want to outsource their recruitment function, Millionaire Info Tech provides end-to-end RPO. Our recruitment consultants evaluate your company and how you currently recruit your workforce talent. We then recommend and implement process improvements that encompass industry best practices and legal compliance while fitting the way you do business. Our expertise spans the entire recruitment process life cycle, from requisition management and sourcing to interviewing, on-boarding and performance metrics.

On-Demand RPO – For clients looking for a partial recruitment solution, Millionaire Info Tech offers on demand recruitment services that can augment the work of your current recruitment team. On-demand recruitment services are designed to help companies that only need an interim recruitment position, either to fill ina temporary gap or to ramp up for a new product or service launch. Our recruitment consultants can cover part or all of your recruitment process life cycle for the short-term or on a part-time basis.

Project-Based RPO – For clients that have an event within the business that causes a spike in growth with in that company, Millionaire Info Tech can provide project-based RPO services as a managed solution. This service is set up and run just like an end-to-end RPO; however, the hiring initiative in this instance is finite.Therefore,Millionaire Info Tech and the client will define the scope of the project and implement a team to execute within the time frame set forth.


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