Gain new market insights and adapt quickly to market changes. Sense and respond to customer requirements in real time. Extend processes beyond the organization to include customers, suppliers, and partners. That’s the power of Millionaire Info Tech SAP ERP Solutions.

Millionaire Info Tech SAP ERP Solutions combines the world’s most complete, scalable, and effective software for enterprise resource planning (ERP) with a flexible, open technology platform that can leverage and integrate SAP and non-SAP systems. Our industry-leading solution provides end-to-end software functionality for enterprise management and support — plus support for systems management — all powered by the SAP Net Weaver platform.

“SAP ERP includes four individual solutions that support key functional areas:”

SAP ERP Financials
SAP ERP Human Capital Management
SAP ERP Operations
SAP ERP Corporate Services

With Millionaire Info Tech SAP ERP Operations Solutions, you can:

Convert time-consuming, manual steps into streamlined, online processes to improve overall enterprise planning.
Support the planning and deployment of assets, manage assets over their complete life cycle, and reduce order cycle times and excess inventories.
Streamline processes at warehouses and distribution facilities.
Manage transportation and distribution efficiently.
Extend collaboration with both customers and suppliers.
Enable a collaborative project management environment that includes external parties to manage both simple and complex projects.
Provide personalized interfaces, portals, mobile applications, and tools that enable employees to do their jobs more effectively.
Enable enterprise wide visibility, forecasting, and performance management reducing planning cycles and lead times, and enabling continuous process improvements and faster response to new opportunities.
Improve customer service and respond quickly to customer demand.